Co-op/Team Building

Dance Performances

We offer a variety of professional dance performances for corporate events, private parties and weddings in a number of styles including:

  • Bollywood and bollywood fusion
  • Brazilian Samba dancers and drummers
  • Capoeira performers
  • Ballroom and Latin dancing couples
  • Belly dancers
  • Street Dance/Hip-Hop
  • Fusion of different styles

Team Building Dance Classes

Interactive Company Team Building Dance Workshops and Dancing Classes

There is no better way of getting all of your team working together and having fun. Dancing is a powerful tool for personal development and is especially effective for people whose job is related to client facing meetings or speaking in front of a larger audience.

It will build up confidence in your employees and will teach them how to control their body language in a business environment. In addition, dancing has a beneficial effect on boosting up the motivation and fitness levels, thus will increase the productivity of your organisation.

Dancing is perfect for releasing inhibitions and enabling work colleagues to interact with each other in a way that would never happen in the office.

Team building skills that dancing can help improve:

  • Coordination
  • Support
  • Ingenuity
  • Flexibility
  • Approach
  • Leadership
  • Swift decision making
  • Disaster recovery … just kidding!


If your company is looking to offer an additional benefit to its employees through a personal development program, content for team building events or as a part of the sports and social activities, please email us at or contact us by phone on 0431136177

Examples of other available packages:

Standard Dance Class

  • From 1 to 4 hours in length and catering for 1 person through to 150+ people. They can be held pretty much anywhere, from a dance studio to a hall or ballroom (even outdoors).

Choreographed Routine

  • A financial company in Sydney had an end of year party at which 5 directors had to do a choreographed routine to ‘The Time Warp’ from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Varied Dance Classes

  • An accountants, also in Sydney, had a corporate entertainment weekend away near The Blue Mountains and required a dance teacher to do dance lessons throughout the weekend for different groups who then competed against each other on the final evening.

Weekly Dance Lessons

  • An IT company in Melbourne has put on weekly dance lessons for employees to learn to dance.

X-Factor style Dance Off

  • A client had a weekend jolly in an exclusive venue for it’s top consultants and required 6 dance teachers to provide 3 different style dance workshops. They then had an X-Factor type competition at the end with directors as judges.

Other ideas:

  • Dance workshops/lessons for the families of employees (children included)
  • One off dance workshop on a week day evening.
  • Dancing competition – We show you, then you copy what you saw, and we (or you) then score the results.
  • This list is endless.