Drama Classes

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be”.

William Shakespeare

Why is drama good for Children?

Good communication skills are an essential life skill. They help us make friends, get the most out of school, land the dream job and succeed in that dream job. What job doesn’t demand good communication skills?

And that’s why drama is so good for young children. It teaches them not only how to speak clearly, loudly and with confidence, but many other communication skills as well.

At Dancearama we focus on simple yet important lessons like looking someone in the eye when you talk to them and maintaining that eye contact. Clear diction is encouraged through tongue twisters and raps and voices are nurtured through our singing and vocal warm up exercises.

We develop exercises that get them thinking and talking in front of a group in a controlled and safe environment where they can practice and perfect analytical thinking without realising it.

Our classes also use role-play that enables children to act out situations that they might have never experienced before, but prepares them for when they might encounter something similar.

As you can see, these are a few of the many examples of how drama helps a child’s communication skills.

Have a look at our timetable at where our drama classes are held.

“An actor must never be afraid to make a fool of himself.”

Harvey Cocks

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